Deferred Action

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Boutique Immigration Law Firm

We are a client oriented firm, meaning the client or consult comes first. Honesty and straightfowardness are both qualities that we express in each and every interaction with someone that crosses our path. We never take cases unless we believe we will succeed. There is no point in upseling a hope or dream that does not actually exist. Furthermore, this brings nothing but harm to the individual and is tantamount to malpractice. At the Nossa Law Office, we provide clients with the attorney’s cell phone number with the ability to contact him directly via phone or text. When the office was opened, the intention was to provide extremely high quality work, efficiently and effectively, while not losing touch with the client. Clients are not meant to get lost or to becomes numbers, they are meant to be partners on a journey that is complex and can be anxiety ridden. We prefer to answers questions now rather than later. We prefer clients have the knowledge to traverse immigration and nationality law and procedure at the tip of their fingertips, all the while delivered with humanity, compassion and empathy.

Mr. Nossa came to the United States in 1979 with his parents and siblings. The son of a Scotch-Irish hippie and Colombian matador, Mr. Nossa was actually born in Mexico in the state of Colima. His entire family is a mix of cultures, ethnicities, races, beliefs and sexual orientations, which is why no one is ever viewed as an "other" at the Nossa Law Office.