Parole in Place (PIP) affords undocumented qualifying family members of individuals that are active duty in the Armed Forces, members of the Selected Reserve or the Ready Reserve, or are a veteran of any of the above.

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Who Qualifies?

The only family members that qualify are children, spouses, and parents of the current or former service member.

Is Parole In Place Automatic?

No. Like just about every area of immigration law the decision to grant PIP to an undocumented family member is discretionary. For example, an applicant for PIP should be aware that there are factors that would cause their application to fail, such as an extensive or serious criminal history.

Is there Employment Authorization through Parole in Place?

Once granted PIP the beneficiary can file for a work permit.

Adjustment of Status through Parole in Place?

If you are the immediate family member of a US citizen, then you will be able to adjust your status, assuming you are otherwise admissible, to that of a Permanent Resident/Green Card Holder.

Our office has successfully filed many Parole in Place applications and we would be more than honored to assist you or a loved one with this process.